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NGH September 5, 2012 03:00

Steady and unsteady solver

Can someone one advise me on the differences in the steady and unsteady solver for fluent? How do we know which one to choose and will there be any differences in the results? Also are there any special circumstances when we must use unsteady solver? Thanks

truffaldino September 8, 2012 08:29

In most situations in fluid dynamics flows are unsteady. E.g. flow past cylinder is (except small Re) is always unsteady and its averaging does not make sence. In such case we have no choice but use unsteady solver.

Unstedy solver is also used for Large Eddy Simulations or Direct Numeric Simulations of turbulence, even if the average flow is steady.

Steady solver is usualy used for calculation of laminar steady flows or stationary flows with modelled turbulence: e.g. flows past streamlined bodies before stalling, internal flows etc.

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