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Quarkz January 24, 2006 01:26

plunging airfoil
i've just implemented the ALE formulation to my 2d FVM NS code which uses fractional step. i'm trying to simulate flow past a plunging airfoil, in this case moving up with a slowly increasing vertical velocity up to u(y)=0.5. ie the mesh moves up with this velocity

At Re=100, the ans i get is a resulting flow field which has 0<u(y)<0.5, most >0.3 except near the airfoil. At the leading edge, the flow is pushed down. Is this a logical ans? however, at Re=1000, the ans diverges.

My BC is u(y)=0.5 at the top/bottom/front of my c-grid (besides the standard u(x)=1.). u(y)=0.5 at the top/bottom surface of the airfoil. Is this correct?

I get a feeling that the airfoil is pushing the flow up on the top surface hence u(y)=0.5. however, at the airfoil's bottom, should the flow be at u(y)=0.5 ie same as airfoil's surface's speed?

in using the ALE formulation, all i've done is to add the mesh velocity into the fractional step, modify the BC to have the outer edge of the c-grid & inner boundary to follow the mesh speed, ie u(y)=0.5. Is that all there is to it? Did i miss out something?


ms January 24, 2006 05:26

Re: plunging airfoil
What are your timesteps involved?

quarkz January 24, 2006 07:00

Re: plunging airfoil
My CFL is 1 and it's an implicit scheme hence I believe it is ok. Just wondering if I miss out any other steps and make any mistake in my BC.... thanks

davesmith_01 July 12, 2011 05:55

CFD code
Hi Quarkz

I really want to learn how to write my own NS code with ALE if possible could I please see your code, so I can use it as a reference.



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