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Fuka January 24, 2006 10:33

Immersed boundary method with momentum forcing
Hello, does anybody have experiences with Immersed boundary method? I'm trying version with momentum forcing(Kim,Kim,Choi 2001 like in Fadlun et al. or Mohd Yusof et al.) I have problems with computation of pressure with pressure correction (fractional step method with lagged pressure gradient) maybe because of bad initial or boundary conditions. I have simple flow around a cube. How can I treat a body in initial conditions? How can I compute initial pressure? Now I tried simple IC U=Uin and p=0 and then impose IB forcing in first step but I'm getting great pressure gradient in x direction. In Poisson equation I use dPhi/dn=0. Can anybody help?

philippe February 6, 2006 04:46

Re: Immersed boundary method with momentum forcing
hello Fuka,

I 'm working with Modh Yusof's approach since several years. I don't think it's a initial or boundary conditions problems, but i want to know, how do you satisfy the no-slip condition on the immersed boundary method ? Special traitment of velocity fields in the body ... ?

If you want, I can give you somes articles about it.

Best regards,

p.s : Sorry for my english

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