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Reggio September 9, 2012 11:30

need wind turbine data for cfd validation
Good morning,

i'm working on a project about a validation of a horizontal axis wind turbine CFD simulation.

In order to validate the method i should need some experimental data.

I've searched for the NREL wind turbine project geometry and data but i found many documents and much confusion. It would take me too much time to search through to the various pubblications.

Does anybody know if i can get some simple collection of data consisting of:

- geometry definition (or the actual CAD 3D geometry, if available).

- 2D airfoil coordinates and experimental performance data

- complete wind turbine experimental performance data.

I would really appreciate any help in finding some data for my validation (even concerning projects other then the NREL experiment).

If there is anyone interested in the details of my project, please feel free to ask, since i would consider it a privilege to submit my project to the community.

Thank you,


edit: any phase of the project is good, i need to apply my method to a well-data-provided case and make comparison with other results. Thank you again.

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