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sandeseb September 11, 2012 09:10

"3" phase flow, modeling a toilet
Hello users,

Iīm relative new in the CFD topic, nevertheless I got the job to investigate the flushing of toilets.
My questions are:

Is it generally possible to simulate the flushing of toilets including solid parts (feces)? This would be a "3 phase" problem (water, solid and air at the surface), in my opinion.

Which program would you suggest for solving this problem?
I have solutions from CD Adapco, Ansys, CF Design and Mentor Graphics in my eyes.

Also the program should have an interface or the possibility to use CATIA V5 models.

I think, this is a tough job, isnīt it?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards

sandeseb September 13, 2012 01:57

Hi again,

has no one an idea? Or just some hints for me on which points I have to look by choosing the software.


JBeilke September 13, 2012 03:00

I would try it with a particle based solver. You might check xflow.

sandeseb September 17, 2012 02:17

Hey there,

thank you for this hind.
I will contact them.

Best regards

wangguobin14 October 30, 2012 03:37

:cool:flow3d may give you answer

thiagopl October 30, 2012 14:50

You could adopt the diarrhea hypothesis, then you would eliminate the solid issue.

Sorry, just kidding. :D

evcelica October 31, 2012 16:56

Wouldn't you rather conduct real world experiments instead of simulations?

Ahmed October 31, 2012 22:08

Previous investigations suggest that it is a 2 phase flow,
Google using the following search criteria "slug flow Toilet flushing cfd"
good luck

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