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srikanth January 26, 2006 01:35

regarding multi phase flows
hello, iam doing a project on the title cfd simulation of dense medium cyclones.

in the multi phase models how to give the boundary conditions if we need to input the slurry mixture which consists of water, magnetite particles and coal particles.

here we need to model seperately for both magnetite particles and coal particles. because magnetite particles are of small size eulerian approach shouold be considered. the particle size of coal is more and we need to consider lagrangian approach.

by using fluent wat is the procedure to model the above two models. can anybody please help.

kharicha January 26, 2006 03:49

Re: regarding multi phase flows
Questions, how many particles per unit of volume?

what is the maximum value of the particle/mean phase volume ratio ?

depending on these two parameters, it will be posible to answer you.

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