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Philip Simons February 1, 2006 11:51

modelling a free surface with the FVM

I intend to model a free surface that will undergo only small displacements with the colocated body-fitted FVM in 3D. I intend not to use the VOF or level-set method but move the grid (untill convergence). The flow bc on the free surface can probably be just p=0. Non-tangential velocity components will arise on mid-face points on the free surface. To displace the grid I need the nodal (=vertex) velocities (or displacements..), but that is not where I have my velocity field. The problem has been described in Peric-Ferzinger. All for the steady case (looking for the steady surface position), nothing transient. Does someone know any recent developments in this? thanks, Philip

Ruben Paredes February 1, 2006 14:26

Re: modelling a free surface with the FVM
Hi Philip

I am not an expert, but I worked with a similar case during my Bachelor Thesis. I implemented one method described by Takanori Hino (1997) and he used the laplacian-weighted averaging method(presented by Rausch R. D."Spatial adaptation of unstructured meshes for unsteady aerodynamic flow computations" 1992, AIAA),in order to compute the variables at the node.

Good luck, ruben

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