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Ales Skotak July 23, 1999 04:38

LES & grid quality
There is any grid quality criterion for Large eddy simulation? Generally,is it possible to say that grid for LES should be better (or finner) than for standard turbulence modelling?

olus boratav July 23, 1999 09:46

Re: LES & grid quality

Have a look at the following paper:

Dynamic testing of subgrid models in large eddy simulation based on the Germano identity by Meneveau C, Katz J PHYSICS OF FLUIDS 11: (2) 245-247 FEB 1999

Also a literature survey on the authors Meneveau (John Hopkins) and Domaradzki (USC) could be useful.

LES is probably not better than the standard turbulence modelling when it comes to cpu requirement/consumption (per time step).

In terms of physics, you will find schools on both sides (pro or against LES), and moreover you will find schools which are totally skeptical on any turbulence modelling whatsoever.

Olus Boratav

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