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arijith September 28, 2012 11:22

How can we observe shock in Mach Contour profile of a turbine?
How can we identify shock -both oblique and normal-from Mach contour profile? what are the identifiable features?Can anyone please expalin with any image....It would be great help...thanks in advance.

agd September 28, 2012 18:31

What happens to the Mach number when a normal shock appears? A normal shock causes the flow to decelerate from M > 1 to M < 1 over a very small distance. So how would that look on a Mach contour plot? Across an oblique shock, the velocity component normal to the shock drops across a small distance, while the tangential velocity is unchanged. What would this look like if you plot the velocity vectors? The Mach number contours won't be as tightly clustered, but a look at the velocity vectors can clarify what you are seeing.

In general shocks will look like a tight clustering of Mach contours on a contour plot, but understanding the flow physics will help you understand why certain flow features look like they do in post-processing.

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