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nikola_m October 1, 2012 06:14

Free CFD code with implementation of Menter's k-omega SST model
Hello everyone!

As many of you I learned CFD from Ferziger and Peric book. Following the book there's CAFFA code in couple of versions.
Since I really like Menter's SST model I decided to make a version of the code that implements it available to other people.

So, if you visit this page:

you may download the code with an implementation of this model and play around with it.

Features are:
  • Implementation is based on newer (2003) version of the model, see this ref. Menter, F. R., Kuntz, M., and Langtry, R., "Ten Years of Industrial Experience with the SST Turbulence Model," Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer 4, ed: K. Hanjalic, Y. Nagano, and M. Tummers, Begell House, Inc., 2003, pp. 625 - 632.
  • An interpretation of Automatic Wall BC's for omega (see papers by Menter&Esch)
  • Both Tecplot and VTK output

I will further develop the code and probably make a 3D unstructured version in the future with implementation of the models like DES...

I will write about developing the code on my blog

On the sourceforge page you will find my email so you can send me comments and suggestions!

Have fun!

nikola_m November 9, 2012 10:39

New version of caffa-sst
Hello everyone, I'm back!

And the new version of the caffs-sst code is here:

It's been a month since I've uploaded caffa-sst, and the feedback was awesome!

That's why I decided that developing this code further is worthwhile.

What is the idea of the whole project?

Well, Ferziger and Peric is a good book, but it lacks some development which took place in the meanwhile. I (and many others) would really like to read the new edition and have a new companion code. caffa-sst is intended to be exactly that!

My idea is to develop a simple code in FORTRAN which will keep people up-to-date with some new approaches in Finite Volume incompressible CFD.
We have plenty of things to do before being able to compare ourselves with e.g. OpenFOAM. Still caffa-sst has it virtues - it will be simple, easy to upgrade to your own needs.

What is new in this version?

  • Cell centered gradients can now be calculated by both Gauss and unweighted Least-Squares. Least-Squares procedure is done by QR decomposition realized via Gramm-Schmidt (ref.Anderson&Bohnus).
  • Now we have wider choice for convective schemes. Using Flux Limiter approach (Waterson & Deconinck Journal of Computational Physics, 224 (2007) pp. 182-207 ) I added MUSCL, SMART, UMIST. The methodology used is quite general, so I expect soon we'll have some two dozen different schemes
  • Output files are now in Tecplot, VTK, GMESH format
I have also added AUTHORS file, so anyone who contributes will be listed there.

Enjoy computing and send some feedback! (impressions, bugs, etc...)


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