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cicatrix October 3, 2012 01:47

turbulence model for Refrigerator
Hi, guys.

First please understand my poor English.

I am work for home appliance company and studying a domestic refrigerator.

My concern is to decide appropriate turbulence model.

1. laminar flow & turbulent flow

- In analysis domain of refrigerator,
there coexist two flow regimes those are laminar flow and turbulent flow.

- laminar flow : local velocity range is about 0.1~1 m/s
- turbulent flow : local velocity range near fan is about 10 m/s which is ten to hundreds times higher than laminar flow.

2. turbulence models

- I don't need a physical value near fan.
- I want to get data near food and food vessels.

- I select Realizable k-e(RKE) model because of convergence of fan flow.
- divergence with other model (ske, skw, sst)

3. y+

- there are many narrow channel due to food, food vessel and shelves.
- So I have to do generate fine mesh.
- but y+ is about 3~10. it is in the viscous sublayer.

- To avoid y+ problem, I made fine prism mesh near fan and another section.
- using enhanced wall function. it converged.
- but still divergence with other turbulence models.

4. suggestion

- please give me information to select turbulence model and mesh generation.

Thanks in advance guys.

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