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jgrisham October 8, 2012 11:58

Parallel FUN3D Installation

I am a graduate student trying to install FUN3D (a NASA research code) on a Linux cluster. I am able to get a serial installation working, but I am running into some problems on the parallel installation. The parallel build works fine, but when I try to run an example, I get the following message:

Solver run on more than one processor, but ParMetis has not
Solver run on more than one processor, but ParMetis has not

So, I have downloaded and installed ParMETIS, but when I enter the ../configure --with-(options), I get the following error:

checking for /home/j/jr/jrg2179/parmetis/libparmetis.a... no
checking for /home/j/jr/jrg2179/parmetis/libmetis.a... no
configure: error: ParMetis requested but libparmetis.a not found

I used the find command (find /home/j/jr/jrg2179/parmetis/ -name '*.a') below to search for files with the .a extension, but it is nowhere to be found. I figured that the ParMETIS build is incomplete. I have gone back and reinstalled ParMETIS and everything seems to work fine, but I am still getting the same result. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to solve this problem? Any help is much appreciated.

SATHYA0606 October 20, 2013 13:04

Before configuring parallel version of fun3d, you must build parametis separately.

Go to Parametis folder, read the install file. You may want to modify your parallel version of CC compiler.

Type 'make' and then the rest will be done by itself. In order to verify the parametis installation, navigate to graphs folder and type,

"mpirun -np 8(number of cores) ./ptest3.2.0 rotor.graph"

This is the procedure for installing parametis.


In order to build the parallel version of fun3d, you need the mpi, parametis and Ksopt,port,Nsopt (any one of the package in case if you are doing design optimization). I assumed that you installed the MPICH in your cluster.

Now, go to fun3d-XX.X-XXXXX folder and type

"./configure --prefix=path to /fun3d-XX.X-XXXX --with-mpi=/usr/local/mpich --with-ParMetis=path to /ParMetis-3.2.0"

sudo make all install

After 10 or 15 mins, your parallel version of fun3d is ready.:)

jgrisham October 20, 2013 18:15

Thanks for the reply! I figured that problem out after posting on this forum. You are right, the ParMetis build wasn't done correctly.

SATHYA0606 October 21, 2013 09:50

No problem.

What kind of grid generation tool are you using for your analysis? is it advancing front/Local reconnection generator?

jgrisham October 21, 2013 14:39

I use Pointwise for grid generation. Their Glyph scripting capability is especially useful.

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