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SET_WIND October 9, 2012 06:01

State of the Art in CFD for wind turbine modeling
Hello everybody,

I am new here, and also new in CFD. I have to make a literature research on CFD applied to wind turbine design and modeling, I have papers on this, but I don't know how to narrow my search :confused:.

:D:rolleyes:Does any of you have suggestions on how to find information like:

1) When was the first CFD model applied to wind turbines and for what area (power forecasting, rotor design, structural optimization, etc)

2) Which people first attempted to use CFD for wind turbine design

3)what are the disadvantages and or advantages of using CFD

4) And how to trace the development of CFD used in the wind turbine industry,, the methods used in CFD for WT.

I hope the community can help me with this issue. I am supposed to work on this for 3 months. btw: After that, and after taking my CFD I class at Delft I am supposed to develop a CFD code for WT so everything I do must be used for that,,, target for the CFD model is not yet set.

Kind regards,

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