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sk February 12, 2006 10:25

Zero outflow boundary condition

Could anyone please tell me if and when a zero outflow (outlet velocity=0) boundary condition is possible. I am tryin to simulate the expansion of a elastic tube by increasing the inflow and constricting the outflow (making it zero)...seems that it does not give me a consistent zero outflow possible at all or what am I seems so obvious and simple but I just can't figure it out?? please help...Thanks a lot...


Andrew Mettler Hayes February 12, 2006 12:38

Re: Zero outflow boundary condition
I am not sure if Fluent can do something like deformation. I think you need to look into Ansys. I know that can do non-linear deformation, which seems to be your case. You need to look for examples of people modeling the blowing up of a balloon. Nastran makes ansys - There is also for users

Ahmed February 13, 2006 00:21

Re: Zero outflow boundary condition
You cannot do it the way you are suggesting. You can define your outlet as a wall and solve a tank pressurizing problem (see tutorials) but the question is if that is what you want from your analysis????

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