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Pst February 18, 2006 12:42

A beginners question
Hi, I have a question: Ive got a problem with the discretization of Patankars Pro 5.1 (2d-finite volume): div(rho x u x T) = div(k x grad (T)) + a - b x T

After integration the term "a" turns into aDxDy - what happens with "b x T" ? Does it end up into 1/6 x b x T^3? And if so how can I then rearrange the whole to apTp=aeTe + awTw + anTn + asTs + C ??

Thanks for your help in advance ! Pst

ztdep February 18, 2006 16:03

Re: A beginners question
it become bxT*dx*dy

and the bx*dx*dy will go into the coefficient of the ap

Pst February 19, 2006 04:33

Re: A beginners question
Allright - I will see how my equation is then going to look like... ! Thanks very much !!


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