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yang February 21, 2006 18:11

Multigrid method for SIMPLE Algorithm
hi, guys,

I am recently developing a 2d steady N-S model. I am using the SIMPLE Algorithm and it works well. I have problems on applying Multigrid method. I am not sure how to apply to the pressure correction equation. Does the pressure correction need to be restricted from finer to coarser grid?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



Ravi Kiran February 23, 2006 02:45

Re: Multigrid method for SIMPLE Algorithm
Hi Yang

There is no necessity of a finer or coarse grid in case of applying multigrid method using SIMPLE

u can directly use the approach given in CFD for Engineers by Anderson Jr., and CFD for Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics by Tannehill, Anderson and Fletcher

which shows the grid notations for multigrid methods for SIMPLE algorithm

all the best Ravi

yang February 23, 2006 18:11

Re: Multigrid method for SIMPLE Algorithm

I really appreciate your suggestion. I am going to read these two books, and they may help me out.



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