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Anna February 21, 2006 18:16

Flow past cylinder with an exact solution?
Dear all,

Does anybody know if there is an exact solution for some flow past circular cylinder case? I need such a problem to test my numerical method, but I could not find it. To be honest, I am not very familar with CFD. I know there are many CFD experses here. Your help will be most appreciated.

If you know where I can find it or you have one at hand and you are willing to help, please email me at

Thank you very much!


ganesh February 26, 2006 08:14

Re: Flow past cylinder with an exact solution?
Dear Anna,

The inviscid flow past a circular cylinder is a simple potential flow problem that has an exact solution. You can find it in any basic text book on Fluid Dynamics or search for it in google. If you want a book in particualr, look into Kundu and Cohen's Fluid dynamics book. As a remark, the exact Cp on the cylinder varies as 1-4*sin^2(theta). This compraison is good enough to validate any incompressible solver or a compressible solver below Mach 0.3. I am not sure what you want to verify but I hope this helps



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