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1/153 November 6, 2012 18:28

How would you answer back those who are skeptical about CFD?
Dear all,

This is not a technical question.
Just curious to know how would you guys answer back to those who are skeptical to CFD? I am sure you would surely meet a lot of them.
I met a guy asked me something, in his idea turb model A works for case A, turb model B works for case B. But in your specific case and geometry, how could you be sure that the model works in your case?

I said the validation of the model had been done by myself in APG, ZPG and FPG flows and various other flows with similar situations, blahblah, to check the discretization, modeling sensitivity, grid convergence, blahblah. So the extension of using it in this geometry is even though not 100% guaranteed, but is the best one can do, and these models are not blindly used, and usually the results prove to be quite accurate. But he didn't buy it. I am confused, am I not saying to the point?

What would you answer with?

vicarious November 6, 2012 18:44

You're right buddy. Skeptical people should not enter the CFD territory!

sail November 6, 2012 21:39

IMHO, you can't. if he decide to do not trust you, you can't force him.

CFD is not a magic bullet, it is just a tool and thus imperfect.

there is plenty of errors and assumptions in every simulation, and it must be used accordingly. actually I belive that being skeptical in fundamental to the cfd analyst.

it is a powerful tool, with his advantages and disadvantages, exactly like any other, including experimental fluid dynamics.

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