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Q. Liu July 27, 1999 23:42

Flux Limiter
Anybody knows what is the Venkat's Flux limiter? I just hear superbee, van leer, minmod, osher, roe-sweby and slope limiter. What is it? Thanks very much in advance.

John C. Chien July 28, 1999 09:22

Re: Flux Limiter
(1). It is like a long list of Italian food! (2). It must be a new city government law to tell you that it is illegal to water your lawn in the day time. Conserve the water. So they installed this new device on your water line to limit the amount of water you can use. (3). I could be wrong. I think the real answer is that those are devices to save the gasoline on your cars invented in the previous energy crisis. Now that people are buying big sports utility vehicles, you can find it only in the antique used cars. (4). I think Italian food is great. I normally get my pizza at the locall fashion mall or K-mart. So, I think a flux limiter is something like a slice of a pizza, a gas saving device, or a clever law to limit the use of the city water. ( hope you are not exploring an ancient pre-historic tomb. looking for treasures.) (5). All of these answers could be wrong. Thinking about inventing your own flux limiter? Well you will get a lot of questions asked this way, even if it doesn't work.

Praveen Chandrashekar July 31, 1999 15:31

Re: Flux Limiter

You can find a description of the Venkatakrishnan limiter in the following reference:


clifford bradford August 6, 1999 01:27

Re: Flux Limiter
the're so many of those goddamn things around that it get hard to keep track. actually i've also read paper's which suggest that one's better than the other. of course i can't remember know and you'll have to search for yourself but i have a sneaky feeling van leer's was shown (in that case) to work best. to add to your problems jameson (of 4 step runge kutta fame) also has his own flux splitting technique. i read the paper. he did some trickery with it to arbitrarily increase the diagonal dominance of the matrices to allow rapid iterative solving

Andrei Chernousov August 6, 1999 22:36

Re: Flux Limiter
And there is a reference (!?):

Venkatakrishnan V. Convergence to steady state solutions of the Euler equations on unstructured grids with limiters. // J. Comput. Phys. 1995. v. 118. N 1. P. 120-130.

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