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CFDer March 7, 2006 02:57

How to set the inflow conditions of turbulent BL?

i want to simmulation the compressible flat plate boundary layer. i do not known how to set the inflow BC. for example, given Re and Ma numbers, how to known the displacement thickness? i read some papers, which not give a certain value of displacement. if i set a blasius solver at inflow, the pressure and density are setted p_inf and r_inf?

by the way, what is the difference between the spatial boundary layer and the temporal boundary layer?

best regards

Ravi Kiran March 8, 2006 04:41

Re: How to set the inflow conditions of turbulent
Hi CFDer

Have u gone through the text book CFD by Anderson Jr.

There is chapter on solving the above problem of Flat Plate

he give the procedure for coding and different numericals

also are presented the evaluation of flow conditions at inlet and outlet, far field

check that chapter (may be 12)

Bye All the Best Ravi Kiran

Mohamed March 8, 2006 10:05

Re: How to set the inflow conditions of turbulent
Dear CFDer..

Yeah you will find the proper inflow conditions from Anderson book chapter 10 for compressible Supersonic flow over flat plate case.

In compressible flow case, the inflow conditions are set based on characteristic wavespeeds directions. For Supersonic case all the wavespeeds are positive so Simply you apply the Freestream conditions. but for subsonic case one of the wavespeed is in -ve direction ( u, u, u+a, u-a) ... u-a

So you have to extrapolate one boundary condition from the interior of the physical domain... Plz refer..Computational Fluid Dynamics principles and applications by BLEZAK .J It is the best book for Compressible flow.

I hope it will help

Regards Mohamed

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