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Philippe March 8, 2006 11:04

Simulation of granular material
Hi everybody:

I'm trying to simulate the behaviour of granular material, in special the angle of repose. All this with fluent and it's granular models. First, I tried to simulate the formation of a pile of material by dropping dust from above (lake a sand clock) in 2_D and after I tried with a column of this dust collapsing in t=0 and 3-D (like the famous water column collapsing that is used to validate CFD codes) and the results are: the granular material spreads just like a regular fluid and no angle of repose can be seen.

So my doubts are: does this happens because my experiments implicate too much inertial forces and no granular material will form a pile with the correspondent angle of repose?

Or the granular models for simulation in fluent just can't simulate granular flow in such high volume fraction (in this case, volume fraction=packing limit of the material)?


BST February 13, 2013 09:10

Hi I have the same problem.. does anybody know how to simulate angle of response with fluent??

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