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Jonas Larsson March 9, 2006 08:47

Record Number of CFD Jobs
See the news post here.

How long will these good times last you think?

overseas CFD March 9, 2006 09:05

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Can I ask you a question something. What is a good qualified candidates? Why only CFD engineer, why not a scientist CFD?

Do you know why it is difficult for them to find qualified candidates? No. the answer is: because they can't get people from the overseas, middle east, Asia……

Can I suggest to the employers to indicate in the advertisements if they can get people from the middle east or India…work permit staff. That is to add a new column not only for international: yes!

Tiger March 9, 2006 12:13

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Yes, but Indians and Asians tend to lack the innovation and the high level mathematics. We must also include the applied mathematicians who can handle these tasks.


han March 9, 2006 13:57

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
I think on average Indians are the most powerfull at high level mathematics, every where in the world, Indian IIT graduates proved that they are powerufull in high class mathematics,,so many western universities (like MIT and stanford opened their doors for IIT graduates(they are simply giving the admissions by IIT entrance test,i,e they recognied that IIT JEE is the world toughest entrance),, recent survey told that more than 60 % of the silicon valley companies are headed by world class brains of IITians. one more final touch is Mocrosoft chairman Bilgates him self accepted that Indian graduates are more powerfull than any where in the world..I am sorry if i wrote some thing wrong.. this is not boosting our selves, real truth.

Tiger March 9, 2006 14:18

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
I have seen those exams, and they are not that difficult. If you want difficult try the Putnam Exam. I work and know several Indians from those insitutes they are nice people, but I have to teach some of them the basics of vector calculus, something they should of learned in high school. I just find that they tend to copy and tend to memorize. This is just my view of it since I have a good understanding of their culture.

Anindya March 9, 2006 14:46

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Tiger should immediately be given the NOBEL PRIZE for finding out that the Asians and Indians are bad in Mathematics. Another for the fact that he found out that the IIT Exams are not that difficult. Also I am not sure which high school teaches Vector Calculus. But Tiger has graduated from a School learning Vector Calculus. So in total he should be given at least 3 Nobel Prizes. Sorry Guys, all the Nobel Prizes for Year 2006 are gone.


Tiger March 9, 2006 17:10

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
I didn't say that Indians and Asians are bad at math, but I think people are too stereotypical. Just because you are Asian does not mean you are good in math. The first place world math olympiad winner is from the United States. There are several U.S. high schools that have excellent science and math curriculum. For example the The Texass Academy of Mathematics and Science.

I was lucky enough to have parents and teachers who trained me when I was in primary school. Calculus can be taught with a some simple geometry and algebra skills. This country has great schools and talent, and lets not ruin it.

Mani March 9, 2006 23:13

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
>...I think people are too stereotypical...

I know what you mean, Tiger. Based on your narrow-minded remarks one could get the impression that you are quite a poster child in that category. How many years have you spent in Asia, and how many of billions of Asians do you know so deeply to make such brave generalizations and extrapolations?

(these are rhetorical questions...)

Great skills in math and science have never saved anyone from being a fool...


Anindya March 10, 2006 00:56

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Btw.. There are a lot of Indian's and Asians who have won the first, second and third prizes at the Physics, Maths and Chemistry Olympiads. So just brush up your general knowledge.

noname March 10, 2006 03:16

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Can we close this topic for now. This is not a political forum.

han March 10, 2006 03:54

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Hi Friends, I am kindly requesting to close such a kind of useless discussion.. every where good and bad will be there, it is not applicable neither to India nor to Asia or any place in the globe. thankyou

Charles Merde March 11, 2006 10:12

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
Among those 200 jobs, 94 are for USA, and of course

International applicants welcome: NO

In US university and colleges on average among 50 graduate students that carried on their studies to Msc and PhD, in a given department about 2-3 were actuual US citizens, the others had temporary visas waiting for a green card. Since 1998, 22% of those students are not there anymore due to cut in fundings and the lack of new visa issued. Most of them used to come from european, asian, indian countries of course.

Consequently there are today 22% less PhD, Postdoc, Msc coming into US market.

With the merging Fluent-Ansys it might be time for an Indian or Asian company to develop and distribute a new CFD software in the pacific/indian zone. There are surely plenty of software/cfd engineers ready to create a new company out-there. And they have the skills surely.

Question: What are they waiting for?



anonymous March 13, 2006 16:35

Re: Record Number of CFD Jobs
This is good point. With all the bright CFD engineers in Asia why not stay build the economy? It seems there is lack of innovation? The US already has problems with relatively low pay (compared to other professionals)as well as unemployment for current engineers who are citizens.

John March 14, 2006 07:12

Not enough CFD Jobs at all
I don't think there are enough CFD jobs available: if you look at how many PhDs (and Msc) are produced in the Universities every year, and for each job how many people are fighting for it, you soon realise the jobs are very few. I recently put an AD here for one position, and received hundreds of applications. Just not long ago, I was told by a friend that a post-doctoral position in a uni. also received hundreds of applications. The reality is that with the common use of commercial CFD codes, industry requires few people (in the 1980's, most companies had their own in-house codes and therefore required developers as well as users).

anonymous March 14, 2006 12:35

Re: Not enough CFD Jobs at all
If your looking for an industrial CFD Engineer job in the US the options are very limited. Of the ~120 industrial jobs, ~60 are in the US. Of those about half are with CFD companies. That leaves about 30 real industrial CFD jobs in the US spread across 50 states.

Tiger March 16, 2006 00:56

Re: Not enough CFD Jobs at all
There are plenty of research and teaching jobs.

pc March 16, 2006 09:06

Re: Not enough CFD Jobs at all
Which automatically require the applicant to have a Ph.D.

Mike Marcu March 19, 2006 11:27

Re:the top 2-5% are the same everywhere(India etc
The top 2-5 % everywhere are the same if they are in India or China or Bulgaria or Oxford or MIT.

These 2-5 % are the real quarterbacks born and by accident raised (see the jews in physics- you can ask yourself what is the connection between jews as they are perceived and the high physics but.. here is Niels Bohn, here is Einstein here is Oppenheimmer aso)

A chinese if he is born a true querterback will be a quarterback- he could be the new Eistein.

In fact the aura of innovation in the West was done by these born performers who often need no schooling at all.

It is the stupid bovine assumption that is you get a college degree or a PhD degree you are ready for true substantial performance. Is similar with assuming that all women are beautiful-in fact the beautiful true feminine woman is the same if is born in backyard of india or in the backyard of Scandinavia- the noble beauty cannot be learned.

The problem with America is that once they discovered and implemented freedom(see the foreword of Alexis de Toqueville)then the mass did exactly what is necessary : structures for survival- that is money- and thir culture is wrapped around the market as a central structure. For a while their system of high schooland the rest was OK because the western electromechanical market universe was and is still simple.But now there is another factor: complexity and complex detail work -so is normal to see indians and chinese with their solid schools being in front. You can see these acrobats replacing the classic average bovine superficial western incumbents. What is required here in the west is a reform in education in funding education a reform in formation of people a new ideology based not only on freedom but on taking care of the mass-so that no child or young with qualities of true quarterback to be lost(take the example of the parsees, the shicks , the jews-) when you go to US schools and see the children doing posters and collages and you go to Japan and see the children becaming acrobats in mathematics you understand the basis of what we see today in America -why Toyota is the best and not a classic Detroit car. I stop here.

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