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mingersai November 20, 2012 16:36

How to find CFD related jobs for fresh MS student?
Dear all,

I've been enthusiastic about CFD for 2 years of my MS study in Chemical Engineering, I did my dissertation on CFD using FLUENT, ICEM CFD, spend lots of time playing with UDF and trying to modify codes and build nice meshes.

When I graduated and put my-self into job market, everything doomed....
Seems that it's impossible to find a job for fresh MS with CFD research to find any job. All the job post on CFD online requires MS+3year experience or PhDs.
Also by talking with people worked in industry for long time, they told me the demand for CFD guys in Chemical field is not that great, a very big company may only have less than 10 people working on CFD.

The research project in schools is so far away from industry applications made thing even harder. Also most opening for Chemical Engineers are in process control related subjects, my thesis seems give me no help or even disadvantage, when I submit my resume for process engineer positions, they told me to apply for CFD related positions.....

Does this mean I must have a PhD if I want to find CFD related jobs? It's gonna be another 5 years in school which is kind of scary and job market again would be huge headache.
Maybe I should give up CFD and go for other directions for PhD or change major to Computer Science....
Can anyone give me some advice?


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