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Vivek March 10, 2006 08:09

Geometry import into CFD softwares

I'm a new member at this forum. So kindly indicate if this topic has already been discussed earlier.

I would be simulating the flow in porous materials, and my challenge is to replicate the inherent heterogeneity in these porous materials.

I was wondering if SEM images or images from Computed Tomography (CT) could be imported into CFD pre-procesors to define the geometry. I know FemLab (ComSol) allows for importing SEM images and doing so. I'm kind of sure that ICEM-CFX also has provisions for doing the same. However, I need confirmation from current users so that I can convince my professor to invest in the software ;-)

Could someone also indicate what are the various image / CAD formats in which geometries can be saved / imported in CFX-Ansys / Fluent ?

Thanks, Vivek

Vivek March 15, 2006 00:00

Re: Geometry import into CFD softwares
Still no comments / reply ?

Wasnt my query clear enough or was it too specific ?

Please respond, folks.

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