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Victor Mourão November 22, 2012 15:05

WENO-MP5 generating a oscillations
Hi! I am new in the forum, I work with cosmology (a RHD approach of QCD phase transition with a realist EoS) and am developing a numerical code using WENO and/or Monotonicity Preserving schemes (Suresh 1997).

To start, I am implementing a HD using a algorithm described in Balsara et al. 2000, Mignone et al. 2010. and Radice et al. 2012

Basically, I use a Lax-Friedrichs flux split and in a characteristic space apply a reconstruction method (WENO3, WENO5, WENO7 and MP5).

But my validation tests don't give a satisfactory results in a strong shock test and in a Lax problem. At the top of the shocks are creating oscillations which should not exist. Someone already had these problems?

I am adding some pictures of the tests that I did.

Best Reagards

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