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Sherard July 28, 1999 15:47

C F X - T A S C F L O W
Has anyone out there tried to solve a simple shock tube problem using CFX-Tasflow ? It is a pre-requisite to the solution of my actual problem. This is an urgent call for help.

It is a simple duct, initially with high pressure (10atm) on one half and low pressure (1atm) in the other half. T initial, in the entire domain is 300.0K. Strong shocks should naturally propogate in the direction from high to low P. The BCs are all walls (adiabatic).

My problem lies in specifying the correct parameters in the PRM file. I am hoping for some Tips and Hints, thats all.

Thank you. PLEASE e-mail: OR call 416-978-6443.

John C. Chien July 28, 1999 17:11

Re: C F X - T A S C F L O W
(1). The high pressure ratio shock tube problem is ideal for the transient, density based formulation. (2). My understanding is that CFX-TASCflow , Fluent, UNS,... are all pressure-based formulation suitable for low speed flows. (these programs may have been extended to transonic or supersonic flows, but still, these are pressure-based formulation) A density based code would be a better choice for the high pressure ratio shock tube problem.

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