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JYPark July 29, 1999 06:16

calculation at rotating coordinates
I am converting the code used at fixed coordinates to the code at rotating coordinates to analysis flow in the turbomachinery. I use the absolute velocity components at the rotating coordinates and Van Leer's flux vector splitting and implicit euler backward time marching method. I am searching the references which explain the procedure in detail. If you know the references, please let me know. Thanks very much in advance.

Hongjun Li July 29, 1999 10:08

Re: calculation at rotating coordinates
The difference b/t fixed and rotating code is the governing equations. The numerical schemes can be exactly the same. So, all you have to do is to rewrite the governing equations in rotating frame of coordinate in terms of relative velocities (not absolute velocity). In fact there are only two additional terms in the momentum equations: the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force terms; the continuity equation has the same form; and in the energy equation, you may need to use rothalpy rather than enthalpy. As soon as you have the correct equations, you may insert the additional terms into the existing code. Sorry, I do not have any public reference to give you. I wrote some detailed reports but they have proprietray information inside so they are for internal use only.

For general information on equations in rotation frame of reference, you may read "Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows: by Hirsch, Wiley-Intersciency, 1988. (Ch. 1, Sec. 1.4).

Timothy Cowan August 5, 1999 00:28

Re: calculation at rotating coordinates
Check out the following paper:

Kandil and Chuang, "Unsteady Transonic Airfoil Computation Using Implicit Euler Scheme on Body-Fixed Grid," AIAA Journal, Vol. 27, No. 8.

These authors have written several papers (in addition to the above) on this subject. It should at least get you started...


Apurva Shukla August 14, 1999 18:55

Re: calculation at rotating coordinates

I am also working on turbomachinery flow simulation. I will suggest a paper by B. Lakshminarayana in ASME Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 1991, Frreman Schoolar lecture, I donot remember the month, but U can easilt locate them. You will get a good information & philosophy to start with.

Good Luck


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