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aerosjc December 4, 2012 05:13

A certain number of SM in CUDA to simulate.
Dear CUDA programmers,
I am a CUDA newbie, and in my project I want to teat CUDA by simulating a heat conduction problem. More precisely, I want to select a certain number of SM to simulate the same heat conduction problem each time. Since I remember that in MPI I can use a command like "mpirun -np 4 helloworld" to assign a certain number of processors to run my program, I guess CUDA would also have this property. My GPU is Geforce 210M and it has 2 SM. I want to test only 1 SM to simulate my heat conduction problem. Would I accomplish this job? Is it possible?

Let me put my consideration here:
Is it correct? Or are there some API I can use to accomplish my job?
Thank you in advance!

Actually, I posted this question in OpenFoam section and no reply. I guess I should have not put my question there. So, I turn to this seciton. Please give me any of your opinion. Thank you!

wyldckat December 4, 2012 18:51

Greetings aerosjc,

It looks like you shouldn't be bothered with selecting a specific SM, at least from what I understand from the following description:

If you were dealing with 2 GPUs in the same card, then this would probably be the answer:

Best regards,

PS: Since you've created this thread here, I removed the thread you had at the OpenFOAM forum ;)

aerosjc December 6, 2012 21:20

Dear Bruno,
Many thanks to you! The page in StackOverflow helps me a lot.
But somebody tells me that there is a PTX special variable smid I can check.(from this page:

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