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a.latifi December 5, 2012 07:42

force to wait MATLAB for running parallel fluent in batch mode
Hi friends
I use Matlab to rus fluent in batch mode and in just one processor with following command
! C:\Fluent.Inc\ntbin\ntx86\fluent.exe 2ddp -g -wait -i "D:\firstcode\fluentjournal.txt"
and it works very well
for running fluent in four processor I use another command
! C:\Fluent.Inc\ntbin\ntx86\fluent.exe 2ddp -g -t4 -wait -i "D:\first code\fluentjournal.txt"
but this command does not work
I find out that the problem is related to "-wait" in other words by vanishing "-wait" the command will work so
! C:\Fluent.Inc\ntbin\ntx86\fluent.exe 2ddp -g -t4 -i "D:\first code\fluentjournal.txt"
will work but:
I need Matlab waits when fluent is doing its job
How can I run fluent in batch mode in four processor and Matlab waits when fluent is running.

Sorin May 9, 2013 16:44

Hi Latifi

It would recommend connecting with Fluent running in server mode (Fluent aaS). This way you should be able to connect intimately with Fluent from Matlab.

With the exception of one command all Matlab calls to Fluent are synchronous (Matlab waits when Fluent is running).

You can refer to my post at for start-up information.

Please let me know if you need more details.


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