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J Roued July 29, 1999 09:46

Taylor-Gortler vortex

Can anyone tell me how to classify an vortex as an Taylor-Gortler (or Taylor-Gortler like) vortex ?

Or I am just seem some corner eddies, when I am simulating unsteady flow in a cavity.

Thanks in advance.



Patrick Godon July 29, 1999 10:06

Re: Taylor-Gortler vortex
Hi There,

Goertler vortices are steady, streamwise-oriented, counter rotating vortices. Goertler vortices originated due to the instability of viscous boundary-layer flows over concave surfaces (Goertler instability). In this case the system is open (not enclosed) and the instability is due to the boundary-layer.

Taylor vortices are somewhat similar - counter rotating and toroidal, but in comparison the difference is that the systme is closed and the flows are parallel - the instability is due to the parallel flows.

The Goertler, Taylors (and Dean - Open and parallel) vortices are all due to the centrifugal instability (first due to Rayleigh).

See the Review paper by

W.S. Saric, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 1994, vol. 26, parge 379-409.

I hope this helps.


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