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zjvskobe December 16, 2012 07:58

compressor rotor simulation
Hello, everyone!
I'm trying to write a cfd code to simulate a single rotor37. The govering equation is wrote in rotation frame. So the source term is not zero(due to Coriolis force and Centrifugal force).
We have wrote a cfd software in fixed frame before and works well. So, for convenience, the relative velocity in the NS equation is transfered to absolute velocity with the relation u=u_r+wXr(Refer to some paper like Numeca Theory Manual). Quesions come:
1、Inlet or outlet boundary. If the speed of rotation is big, it may casue supersonic flow. So, which speed shoud i use, relative or absolute, to judge the outflow is super or subsonic?
2、Inviscid flux Discretization. The invisicid flux is a little different from the Original form. for example rho*u*u ---> rho*u*u_r, u_r is the relative velocity. So if i use the upwind scheme,e.g Roe Scheme, the average matrix and its Eigenvalue is different. Cound anybody give me some advice or Reference material?

sanketpathak December 17, 2012 02:19

compressor rotor simulation

Can you please send me a private message to take this ahead ?

Sanket Pathak

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