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Miles March 23, 2006 11:59

Need help on PDEs for Adsorption process

I am having a difficult time trying to put together the Partial Diff. Eq. relating to a process that I am working on so that I may model adsorption.

I have a capillary (cylindrical with 80+ fibers) membrane reactor which has a thin cake layer of zeolite on it. Water containing arsenic is passed through the cake layer and the membrane. The permeate water is collected on a regular interval and the concentration of Arsenic is measured. As Arsenic builds up in the zeolite the adsorption slows and more arsenic is passed into the permeate stream.

I have 12 sets of data which vary in Arsenic Feed Concentration, Amount of Zeolite added, and Flux Rate through the membrane. My goal is to model the Adsorption of Arsenic as how it relates to these three parameters.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to try and tackle this. Anyone wanting the data please e-mail me at

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