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Sherard July 29, 1999 14:35

--M O N E Y P R O S P E C T---
Dear Friends,

As you may have gathered, I am desperate to get this problem solved. To make matters worse, I dont have much time left.

Therefore, I would like to pay someone to finish this job. I have tried my best. See the entries on T A S C F L O W to get a description of the problem.

Yes, and the reward is: $300 (negotiable....upwards only)

A few things though. I must have this done by sunday night,

If you can give me 3 runs of this problem I'm doing, (One w/ adiabatic walls, one without and one with non-adiabatic walls and turbulence) and the results have been verified then I will pay you $300...I need to get this work done...and I am desperate. If you dont want to work on it, one of your friends might ?

Note: If you are going to try it in Tascflow, I have all the files...gdf,cdf,sdf,idf,grd,bcf,prm.....etc

And I will gaureentee in writing that u will get paid if its done joke.


Call 416-978-6443 or 416-978-5739 or 416-536-0178 at home.......


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