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Txon December 19, 2012 15:57

Presentation and problems with Cosmo floworks
Hi all:
Im Txon, from Spain, W Europe (I always clarify that becouse I've, sometimes found people that think that Spain is south of Mexico). Glad to meet you all, and, appart from asking for some advice, Im here for helping as much as I can.

Well, the question regarding Cosmo Floworks is what follows.

I've succesfully computed several ship propellers with CosmoFloworks.
The goal is getting thrust, and rudder pressure signature.

The last I've tested is five baldes, 2.5 meters radius, pitch 4.36m, blades profile AH79-100A, weight 13000 Kgr at 168 RPM, for a Bulk Carrier Ship.

When computing the propeller and the ships rudder alone, things go fine, but if the stern section of the ship and rudder post are included the solver fails.

It finishes calculations, but the results make nosence. The flow is inverted (flow speeds reversed), no matter the sign applied to the propeller rotation vector.

Albeit addapting results from the simple computation to the complete one can be made by hand, I guess why Floworks resturns me those odd results.

Ship stopped (No flow speed appart from that provided by the propeller)
External, Sea water, exclude cavities without flow conditions, adiabatic walls, roughness 0.2 microm.

Am I missing anything ?

Best regards and thanks in advance.


Problem solved

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