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Hermano December 23, 2012 18:24

Simple method: pressure increases after some steps

I have implemented the simple method on a collocated grid (Rhie-Cow pressure correction) for solving the NS-equation. However, after more then 10 steps in the outer iteration (outer iteration = next time step) the pressure correction p' calculated in the inner iteration increases drastically (>1e5). In the steps before the pressure correction p' stays smaller then 1e-4.

I don't see anything strange in the velocity field what can be the reason for this sudden pressure increase of p'.

The problem I want to solve is a channel flow with the pressure specified at the in- and outlet.

Any idea what can cause the problem?

cdegroot December 23, 2012 18:44

Specifying pressure at inlet and outlet is very unstable. You need to specify velocity (mass flow) somewhere. The most stable thing to do is specify pressure at the outlet with zero velocity gradient (assuming domain is long enough) and specify velocity at the inlet with pressure extrapolated.

Hermano December 23, 2012 19:04

Chris do you really think that this can be the reason?

If I use the guessed starting pressure in the outer loop instead of the corrected pressure my calculation converges to the solution.

But it's right that I have to use the updated pressure in the outer iteration (next time step) to solve the momentum equations, not? Otherwise there is no mass conservation.

cdegroot December 23, 2012 21:28

I think it is pretty likely this is the problem. This setting pressure on all boundaries is really unreliable. Sometimes if you have a good enough initial guess it will work but I'd say this is more the exception than the rule. It's interesting that it converges with the guessed pressure. I can't say why with any certainty.

I'm curious if you have tested your code on any other problems yet? If so, what were the results like?

sutiut February 3, 2015 12:07

I had the same problem
but thanks to this Article, I could realize my problem. this article is really helpful.:)

one should notice to put Pprime=0 after each outer loop of SIMPLE algorithm.
this was my problem.

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