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avsksan December 23, 2012 22:20

Best System Requirement
Hello everybody,
I have a doubt, i hope this would be the same for many of the users of the system. What would be the best system require for a personal computer to be capable the run the software's such as Gambit, ansys and other mesh creation software and the analyze. everyone can't be able to afford a work station so for a Laptop which wold be the best system requirement.

cdegroot December 24, 2012 05:39

Almost any relatively modern system will be able to run the software you mention. The issue comes when you consider what problems you are going to solve and how many mesh elements you have. I have run CFX with up to 2 million elements on a relatively inexpensive quad core machine with 16 GB RAM with pretty good results. Hopefully that gives you an idea. I'd say if you regularly plan to run cases with many millions of elements you should invest in something a bit more substantial than a regular desktop or laptop. The hardware forum may be useful to you.

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