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flashkill January 2, 2013 13:50

Supersonic fin analysis with solidworks/fluent
Hi, i'm trying to design a small rocket with fins

the velocity is between 1000 and 500 m/s
and i'm trying to change the shape of the fins to get the needed lift and moments

since i'm new to CFD and unfamiliar with supersonic/compressible flow
i'm not sure what is the appropriate tool for this analysis.

i have solidworks flow simulation so i'm inclined toward it, but if it is not enough i also can use fluent.

any help and guidance will be appreciated!

cdegroot January 2, 2013 15:25

I'm not that familiar with SolidWorks flow simulation, but I don't think it is all that powerful. It claims it can do supersonic/compressible flow, so maybe you should try it, but it's not really well used in the CFD community at this time. You might consider Fluent instead if you run into troubles. It is a much more established piece of software.

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