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jaber January 3, 2013 13:17

[ICEM] How to do 2D hybrid mesh around hydrofoil
Hello all,
I am simulating a viscous flow around a 2D NACA hydrofoil with a rectangular domain (using FLUENT) especially in (static) stall conditions. Then have to introduce a large angle of attack (from 0 to 40 degre). According to literature, I have to do an hybrid mesh: structured (quadri) mesh on boundary layer around the hydrofoil and even near the top and bottom walls, and unstructured (tri) mesh on the rest of the domain.
Few times ago, I have successfully done a similar model but without introducing angle of attack, within ICEMCFD hexa blocking. Which I have to abandon now. Unfortunately I haven't found any example or help concerning 2d hybrid mesh on ICEMCFD tutorial. Then I have searched on CFD-online forum. I am trying with "Bigio 1st approach": . But I get difficulties ignoring details on this approach. And I donít know if it can give good mesh? Time is running and I have to finish my project in the shortest time.
Please, could anyone give me help about this approach or other manner to do the 2d hybrid mesh?
Any suggestion will be appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

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