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smillerhh March 31, 2006 10:06

CFD specialists résumé database
In the CFD jobs section of this website there are job adverts by companies/ employers.

Is there a similar CFD rsum database on the web where to place one's c.v. Especially when looking for contract work and freelance project work.

There are quite a few CFD job adverts in monster, but companies and employers do not seem to browse the monster rsum database for candidates. The word "CFD" in the c.v. head definitely does not attract potential employers.

Careermag, yahoo and careerbuilder as other CFD job sites are suggested by this site, but are solely targeting the U.S. market.

Thanks for your comments.

Jonas Larsson March 31, 2006 13:06

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
I don't think that there is any CFD resume database which is worth the name. CFD Review has a possibility to register yourself as a job-seeker, but this service is rarely used by employers and it has a lot of outdated entries in it. Perhaps a resume service here at CFD Online would be a good idea? I'm not sure if employers want this service though. Companies tend to prefer to advertise their open positions

diaw (Des Aubery) March 31, 2006 13:44

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
Hi Jonas,

I think that a Resume database at CFD-Online would be a valuable service.


Ben April 1, 2006 02:52

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
Of course this will be a great idea and we'll have a wonderful, modern and HELPFUL page. We should start working on it as soon as what about posting new ideas....

smillerhh April 1, 2006 13:25

Re: CFD specialists résumé database have a rsum database.

They display, however, quite a lot of information, perhaps more than you would like to give to the open public in a first step. E.g. email address in plain text.

Does anyone participate in or use the cfdreview database? What is your experience?

Harish April 1, 2006 18:07

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
I posted my resume two years ago and I forgot my username and password.I could not ask my password to be emailed because the email id I submitted was terminated with my internet connection and I'm not even sure whom to contact to get my resume removed from there.


Renato. April 1, 2006 22:56

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
I guess it would be a nice resource since CFD-Online is a very well known site among CFD community (including universities and industries).

I'd suggest that in order to keep a database updated there should have a service remembering people to refresh their data otherwise their register would be suspended or even deleted. It would avoid this database growing with data of uninterested people.

Another suggestion would be a service announcing potencial candidates for positions that fits your profile. In this case an employee could post which kind of professional he's looking for (state, country, salary, graduation, etc..) and the canditates within this profile would be informed.

Maybe in a short future we would have employees searching for canditates where the potencials canditates are...

smillerhh April 4, 2006 08:27

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
I have made contact to the webmaster of cfd-online and suggested that such a database be set up. Your input as to what data should be included is probably highly welcome.

Many thanks for your interest and support!

Joe April 5, 2006 02:13

Re: CFD specialists résumé database
I would find it better if more work is done on the wiki. Usually in many regions of the world the job market works in the opposite direction.

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