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Luca April 1, 2006 08:42

Mesh coarsening
May anybody suggest me a library for mesh coarsening? I need to coarse my grid during the simulation (like a multigrid) Luca

Renato. April 2, 2006 10:48

Re: Mesh coarsening
try this one

Luca April 2, 2006 16:39

Re: Mesh coarsening
Thanks Renato. It seems GRUMMP is the only library available on the net. I have some problems in compiling with gcc 4...but I'm trying to use it. Is this the only one you know? Luca

Renato. April 2, 2006 18:01

Re: Mesh coarsening
I must admit that I haven't got success with GRUMMP too...

You're right regarding the lack of coarsening libraries available. I have already tried to find Googling around but I only found GRUMMP, Pyramid and MGridGen.

Pyramid is available at OpenFoundation site ( ) it's written in Fortran90 and work with ParMetis in parallel doing AMR

MGridGen and ParMGridGen ( ) are softwares of the same group that released Metis and ParMetis. It was a product of Irene Moulitsas research in her PhD but the software only works with CSR graph structures.

I work with 3D/FEM/linear-tetrahedra and I haven't found a library free, easy to use and install for doing mesh coarsing for my case. If you find any library that fits these features, please post a message here because I'm in the same boat than you ;-)



Fluentuser April 3, 2006 03:40

Re: Mesh coarsening
Dear Renato, unfortunately GRUMMP still gives me a lot of errors...It 's the only library to coarse a grid into usable tetrahedra. Pargridgen by Irene would be great but it just a tool for grid agglomeration (for multigrid purposes). Instead, I 'd like to reduce the number of cells (GRUMMP does exaclty what I want...) If anybody using GRUMMP could help me maybe I'd not give up with GRUMMP. Thanks a loto Renato Luca

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