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JK April 2, 2006 14:05

Stretch and Quenching in Premixed Turbulent Flames

Could anyone tell me where I get experimental information relating the laminar burning velocity to flame stretch (tangential strain + curvature) from an unstrained to a fully quenched state. Specifically I am interested in the functional form (shape of curve) of the burning velocity to stretch for lean premixed combustion of propane and also of approx stoichimetric methane flame.

I am aware that these phenomena are very much problem dependent, however, in order to model the effect of stretch on the laminar burning velocity in a premixed flame, I need some relatioship other than the classical williams-clavin relatioship which says that S_T/S_L = (1 - Ma Ka) where Ma is Markstein No and Ka is reduced Karlovitz number based on the stretch. This model is applicable only for 'low' strain rates ... although I have seen it used in the literature to model full quenching.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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