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Eve Chapper August 2, 1999 07:10


Does anyone know how to write an ultrasound standing wave into the command file in CFX? I've you've got any info please let me know.

Thanks Eve

John C. Chien August 2, 1999 07:33

Re: CFX-Ultrasound
(1). This is about CFD problems, not about writing command files in CFX. (2). Don't know anything about CFX. Sorry.

Gert-Jan van der Gulik August 3, 1999 04:53

Re: CFX-Ultrasound
John is right. Don't try to write the standing wave in the command file because that is impossible. Use the user-fortran routine in this case. If you don't know how to start, try to catch someone at the CFX-helpdesk. They might have an nice example from which you can start right away.

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