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ganesh April 6, 2006 06:18

Re: Preconditioning for moving grids
Dear Friends,

I am presently extending the Weiss-Smith preconditioning onto unstaedy flows with moving grids. Is it necessary to modify the preconditioning matrix by incorporating the grid velocities. I think it should not be, as the preconditioning matrix should satisfy P dV = dU , where P is the preconditioning matrix, V =[p u v T] and U=[ \rho \rho u \rho v e], with e defined suitably. Since the grid velocities affect the convective speeds and hence the fluxes, and V and U are untouched, P need not be modified.

Any suggestions and comments are most welcome. If anyone has test cases for incompressible, unsteady flows (inviscid/viscous/turbulent) it would be nice if they could point out the links/references.

Thanks in advance,



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