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leonidassr January 16, 2013 05:49

OpenFOAM or Fluent for turbomachinery applications
I am interested in performing a CFD analysis (and then an aeroacoustic analysis) on turbomachinery (fans mostly) and would really like your opinions on the software that would be more suitable for my work.
Most of the work will be LES on subsonic test cases, with possible incidence.

Any suggestions will be truly appreciated!

atmcfd January 18, 2013 02:30

I have seen reasonably good large scale CFD Simulations (Using generic turbulence models like k-eps etc.) being done for Turbo-machinery using Fluent. I think it would make a good choice - More because of user friendliness,good documentation and stability compared to OpenFOAM.

OpenFOAM is a very good code - But unless you have prior experience with it using it for a complex problem like Turbomachinery is going to be painstaking and time consuming. The plus is that you can of course tweak the code if you want and add your own utilities.

You might want to check Fluent documentation/ code capabilities etc. if you have something specific in mind. I dont remember any other commercial code doing LES as of now - Do look around.

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