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kenan January 17, 2013 07:14

k - omega SST turbulence model with wall functions
Hello to all,

Recently I have been reading a lot about Menter's k-omega SST turbulence model to be able to get more conscious with its usage. I found out that it has very well improved formulations for near-wall flows, when grid resolution is adequate in this region. However i couldn't get to understand the following issues:

- Does this model still have improved skills over the k-epsilon model, when i have a coarse near-wall mesh?

- Menter's k-omega model is said to switch between k-epsilon and k-omega, in free-stream region and near-wall region, respectively. So, if i have for example a y+>30 mesh near-wall, does this switching take place? If it does, how? Because i think wall functions already handle closest cells near wall.

- I guess the SST formulation isn't activated in coarse near-wall meshes, is it true?

Thanks in advance.


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