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R.V.Ramkumar August 3, 1999 07:48

FEM methods used in CFD?
hi everyone,

I want to know about the fem techniques used to solve the cfd problems. please tell some of the literature for the fem techniques to be used in cfd methodology. thanks in advance. bye. r.v.ramkumar.

Tony Chen August 4, 1999 12:58

Re: FEM methods used in CFD?
Hi there,

Please try to find the following book:

"Incompressible flow and the finite element method : advection-diffusion and isothermal laminar flow" P.M. Gresho & R.L. Sani, John Wiley and Sons, 1998.

I am sure it will help.


Achuth Rao August 4, 1999 14:35

Re: FEM methods used in CFD?
check out

The Finite Element Method in Heat Transfer nad Fluid Dynamics by Reddy and Gartling, CRC Press.

Jonas Larsson August 5, 1999 02:02

Re: FEM methods used in CFD?
You should check out the homepage of the CFD Laboratory at University of Tennessee - Knoxville. They work a lot with FEM based CFD methods and you can find puclications, internet courses etc. directly available from their home page.

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