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dogan January 22, 2013 13:07

foamDataToFluent command
Hi everyone,

i've tried to use the command "foamDataToFluent" as described in and i got ".dat" files for each time step of my simulation. Afterwards, i wanted to load the last step of ".dat" files to CFX5, but i got an warning message as follows:

" Note that for files other than CFX-Solver Results, global ranges are calculated for the used variables and the currently loaded timestep only. As more timesteps are loaded, global variable ranges are adjusted dynamically. Tip: To avoid dynamic range updates, you can use local variable ranges, or turn on pre-calculation of global ranges for all timesteps and all variables in : Edit>Options>CFD-Post>Files"

once i click on OK, i got the error message as follows :

Operation failed. (System exception: Invalid fluent case file) "

So i am thinking of that the reason of this error message is the version i use in OpenFoam or in CFX. i am using OpenFOAM 2.1.x, and CFX14.0. so my question is, does anyone of you managed to do the conversion with those mentioned versions of O.F and CFX? or do you have any idea what the mistake may be?


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