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Hoggs17 January 22, 2013 14:53

2-D SIMPLE Matlab V&V
Greetings everyone -

After a long winter break off, I am back trying to validate and verify (check) my 2-D SIMPLE model (in MATLAB) before i implement heat transfer and mass transfer (and further expand to 3-D). I was working with fellow CFDonline forum member Michael Moor in the fall and he was gracious enough to share his code with me so that I could learn (I was/am a beginner programmer) therefor, my code is very similar to his with the addition of a few new different post processing options. I am trying to model backwards step flow and cavity flow but I am having a few difficulties, namely I'm not sure if i'm setting up my boundary conditions correctly. I know that it's probably a simple fix but i'm banging my head against the wall here and just not seeing my error. I'm also thinking part of my problem is poor post processing options, so if anyone can help, please lemme know what you think. I am happy to share this code with anyone, please just provide an email. Hopefully I'll talk to you guys soon!


sumanth0811 June 10, 2013 04:52

The code
Have you managed to expand to 3d? I am trying to the same.

Can you get in touch with me? I would appreciate any help.

Sumanth Dathathri
Ecole Polytech

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