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saeedi January 23, 2013 13:19

isotropic turbulence
Hi there,

I am going to produce a box of isotropic turbulence and I have the following questions:

1-What should I use for initial conditions? (This is my main problem becauas I know we can not just set some sort of random numbers)

2-since it will be decaying and I want to stop it at a certain turbulence intensity, how should I know that I should stop the run to get my desired intensity?

3-Can I have a box with any aspect ratio? (Since I want to feed it as a precursor, I want it to have the same dimension as my main simulation inlet)?

I'appreciate to hear you useful comments.

saeedi January 25, 2013 16:35

No Comments?

MaryBau March 24, 2014 13:14


They provide a velocity field that could be useful for your initial field.



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