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Max April 13, 2006 10:15

Spectral (finite) volume method
Hi everyone

I have read a some papers about this (I think new) discretization method. For an example look:

Sun, Wang, Liu "Spectral (finite) volume method for conservation laws on unstructured grids. VI: Extension to viscous flow"

J. Comp. Phys., vol 215. p 41-56, (2006)

Has someone already tested it? Can you give some opinions about it? It looks so attractive, although it is still a young method...

Thanks Max

opaque April 13, 2006 11:11

Re: Spectral (finite) volume method
Dear Max,

I have not read about this new paper yet.. However, I recall there was a lot of work on Spectral finite element (which also works on unstructured grids) from the MIT group lead by Anthony Patera in the 1980-90's.. At some point, there was a commercial code (NEKTON) which used the methodology as well..

The algorithm was (as I recalled) used for a lot of transient /unsteady laminar flow studies. I also saw a few non-newtoniand flows cases as well. However, I do not recall how much turbulence flow calculation were done using two-equations/RANS models for industrial cases.. Perhaps, they always did it via DNS..

If you find additional information, keep us posted .. Thanks, Juan Carlos

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